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Holy shiiiiiiiiiiIT!!

Last night, the Living End played in Townsville and me Lizza and Jeph got there early to try see the boys, Chris, Scotty and Andy. We walked around the back expecting a security dude at the gate... there was none so we went in and sat down. Mars came and this car nearly ran him over twice. He got to us, it parked and we were looking into this car cos the guys looked cool. And I thought that one of them was Scotty, the bassist and I was like, "I think its scotty, I dunno!!" and then I saw Chris, the best fucking guitarist in the world to me, and I was like OMG IT'S TLE!! And I was like, "Thats Chris!" And we walked over and Scotty was like, "ooh, fancy meeting you here." And I was like... yes... and Jepha was thinking, does she know him? Do they know each other? Lol. And then Chris came over to us and he shook our hands and I was like, "can I have a hug?" and he was like, "of course you can" and hugged me. Dude, he smelt so goooooooood. Lol. And he said that he was enjoying his sleep, but he had to wake up and go to work. Lol. And Chris was like, "you guys can probably come into soundcheck with us." And so we did. =] And it was really cool to watch and at the end of TLE's soundcheck, Chris bowed and waved and told us he had to go and he went and then Andy, the drummer left and Scotty was doing something on his laptop and we went over and asked him for a photo and he said yeh so me and Lizza got a photo with him, its not very good, but meh. He was being difficult, lol. Then we watched End of Fashion's souncheck and Mars kicked the footy with the drummer and guitarist while we watched. Then Red Riders had their soundcheck then the security guard told us we have to leave now and he was like, who let you in here anyways? And Jepha was like, "Chris Cheney". Hehe. And then we waited til they let us in and we ran to the front!! And I saw Hietamaki and Ben and told Ben about the soundcheck and stuff and Andy Holt was jeleous... Then we watched Red Riders and End of Fashion play and they saw us in the mosh and smiled cos they knew who we were. When we were in soundcheck this dude that loves Strike Anywhere was like, "who are they?" and everyones just like, "theyre the little people" and everyone was like, oh, the little people!! Lol. Yeh, well when TLE came out, Chris saw us and smiled and it was so wicked!! Scotty stood on his bass and played, as he does and it was a black bass with checkers and a skull on the back, and for those of you who dont know TLE, Scotty plays the upright bass, so thats why he can stand on it!! And Andy was wicked on drums and Chris was crazy on guitar and he played with his beer. Instead of using is left hand on the neck, he was using his beer and it went everywhere then he sculled the rest and everyone was yelling, chug! chug! chug! And Chris finished it and was like, "dont do that. Beer is to be enjoyed!" And yeh, they played 'Til the End, Long Live the Weekend, Nothing Lasts Forever, Whats on your Radio?, Tainted Love, West End Riot, Uncle Harry, All Torn Down, Who's Gonna Save Us?, Roll On, Prisoner of Society, Into The Red, Second Solution and We Want More. Ha, I remembered all that. I wanted a set list, lol. Yeh andyways, Chris was playing a solo and he went over and stood on Scottys bass!! And Scotty played his bass over his head!! And Chris jumped on the bass drum and jumped off and fell over. Hehe. And he was smashing the cymbol with his fist!! Like full on hard and I know that hurts!! Yeh and after the show, the Strike Anywhere dude, his name is Ant, and he gave Jepha a Strike Anywhere cd he burnt for her and we went to the merch stand and Mars bought my xmaskkah prezzie - black and red striped TLE 2006 shirt. And I got a TLE bag. And i stole a flyer and a million TLE card thingys and we waited for Ant to come out, but he didnt and Jepha and Mars left and me and Lizza went around the back because I wanted to and we sat there and then I saw Chris walk out and I was like, "Chris!" and waved and he waved and then realized it was us and came over and we walked over to them, them being Chris and Andy and we stood in the middle of the car park in front of the truck and we told them it was a great show and they signed stuff for us and Chris gave us a guitar pick each. The pick has powers, I was playing Lizza's gtar before and I came up with this wicked song and its hard and really cool!! Lol. And we got pictures with them and Chris shook our hands and so did Andy before we left cos they had to go. And they said theyd check out our MySpace and listen to our music, so we gotta put the Punk Rock on there!! And Chris wished us luck with our music and told us to keep playing. And I told him he is a real good gtarist adn he was like, "aw, thank you" and Andy was like, "I taught him the basics, like the fast stuff." and Ant was like, "yeh, the kid can play" and Chris started singing. Lol.

It was so awesome and theyre my second favorite band and Chris is my favorite gtarist, so meeting them was wicked!! It was the best. So all that bad luck at the rock awards was for that night at TLE.

Fuck yeh!!

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